2015 Bordeauxs (Coming Soon)

Many of the 2015 Bordeaux are due to arrive soon! It is clear now that reviewers were dead-on when they touted the vintage during their en premier tastings as the best vintage since the duo of 2009 and 2010, with reds, dry whites and sweet wines all showing promise, backed by a near-normal crop size. Indeed, no vintage since 2010 has ignited any real interest with Bordeaux lovers.

At their best, the 2015s are spectacularly rich, racy wines loaded with personality. More importantly there is an abundance of reasonably priced offering to choose from. These are fruit dominated wines, a true Modern Bordeaux vintage. They are lush, silky textured, and elegant; with fresh, fragrant fruit, soft power, and concentration. The word seductive comes to mind.

As usual, the top 20-30 wines are outstanding in 2015. But very few consumers can affordthose wines anymore.

In his writing about these expensive top end “cult wines” of Bordeaux Antonio Galloni says, “Most importantly, those wines are not the real Bordeaux. The real Bordeaux is a region that produces a truly remarkable, seemingly endless number of fabulous wines that the consumer can still afford. Whatever your budget – under $25, under $50– no region in the world comes close to matching Bordeaux for pedigreed red wines that are also relatively easy to find.”

This is the sweet spot we try to find in great vintages like 2015. This offer affords access to a selection of well scored wines from this highly acclaimed vintage, all under $30 a bottle, many under $20. More importantly, they are wines you will get to enjoy in a reasonable time frame. With a few exceptions, 2015 looks like a vintage that will drink well relatively early.

To quote Neal Martin of The Wine Advocate, “If you harbor interest in Bordeaux, then 2015 could relight your interest, because no other region touches Bordeaux when it fires on all cylinders…”


Château Bolaire Bordeaux Superieur 2015 $15.99 (89-91)
Château Reynon Rouge Cotes De Bordeaux 2015 $16.99 (89-91)
Château La Prade, Francs Cotes De Bordeaux 2015 $17.99 (89-91)
Château Puygueraud, Francs Cotes De Bordeaux 2015 $18.99 (88-90)
Château La Dauphine Fronsac 2015 $26.99 (91-93)
Chateau La Vieille Cure Fronsac 2015 $25.99 (90-92)
Château Haura Red Graves 2015 $18.99 (90-92)
Clos Floridene Graves 2015 $22.99 (90-92)
Château Beaumont Haut-Medoc 2015 $17.99 (90-92)
Château Charmail Haut-Medoc 2015 $21.99 (90-92)
Château Clement Pichon Haut-Medoc 2015 $24.99 (89-91)
Château Lanessan Haut-Medoc 2015 $19.99 (90-92)
Château Larrivaux Haut-Medoc 2015 $18.99 (88-90)
Château Paloumey Haut-Medoc 2015 $18.99 (88-90)
Château Senejac Haut Medoc 2015 $18.99 (89-91)
Château Haut Chaigneau Lalande De Pomerol 2015 $22.99 (88-90)
Chateau La Chenade Lalande de Pomerol 2015 $24.99 (91-93)
Chateau Siaurac Lalande de Pomerol 2015 $23.99 (90-92)
Chateau Fourcas Dupre Listrac 2015 $18.99 (90-92)
Chateau d’Aiguilhe Cotes de Castillon 2015 $29.99 (90-92)
Chateau La Gurgue Margaux 2015 $27.99 (89-91)
Château Tour De Bessan Margaux 2015 $25.99 (90-92)
Clos Margalaine, (2nd wine of Chateau Marojallia) Margaux 2015 $29.99 (90-92)
Chateau Cote de Baleau Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2015 $28.99 (92-94)
Château Haut Brisson St Emilion Grand Cru 2015 $27.99 (91-93)
Chateau La Fleur Morange – Cuvee Mathilde Saint Emilion 2015 $27.99 (91-93)
Château La Chapelle Lescours St Emilion Grand Cru 2015 $28.99 (89-91)
Chateau Saintayme Saint Emilion 2015 $20.99 (90-92)

*All scores from The Wine Advocate, Neal Martin