A Crafted Couple

Here from one of our beer experts on pairing beer as well as a few suggestions to try!

Wine isn’t the only player in the pairing game anymore. Beer has an amazing capacity to pair with all kinds of foods and is more recently being recognized for it. Consider the following when pairing beer. The style of beer you’re drinking can enhance the flavor of food when paired side by side. For instance, a light beer, like a Pilsner, is best to drink with spicy foods or fresh cuisine since fresher style hops and a clean body help balance out the heat of a dish. Beer can also be paired with, or served in lieu of a dessert. Darker styles, like Porters and Stouts, are brewed with darker malts, giving the beer more complex flavors. These flavors can range from a sweet smoke, to a nutty caramel, and even notes of espresso. Porters are lighter in body than Stouts but often have the nuances to pair with dessert. Sometimes you find stouts that are rich and complex enough to be had in place of a sweet treat. No dessert needed in our opinion!

Experimenting with contrasting flavors can create a yin-yang type of perfection, while pairing flavors with similarities allows the tastes to play off of each other in an echoing way. With that in mind, make sure to keep experimenting! You’ll be sure to create a slew of unique results.


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