The HARD Choice

Hard cider is becoming more popular than ever and it’s apparent why. So this season, will you be drinking cider or beer?

7 reasons you should drink cider this fall:

1. It was the drink of pilgrims Cider was, in fact, the most popular drink in North America and England from the early settlers’ times, and with good reason— water was potentially lethal. “Wine is wisdom, beer is strength, and water is bacteria.”

2. it can be aged A well-made bottle-conditioned cider can be kept for years. They get drier as time goes on, since they are never quite finished conditioning. Be warned though, most commercial ciders are not made for this, as they’re either sterile-conditioned or pasteurized with a shelf life of two years, so aging them will probably yield cider vinegar.

3. Hops have now been integrated It was bound to happen at some point but yes, some ciderists in the U.S. have begun to use hops for making cider, making for a unique and delicious flavor.

4. it’s sustainable Raw crops need to be planted, fertilized, watered and sprayed. With cider, you plant an apple tree and you have apples for 70 years.

5. It’s naturally gluten free Made from apples, water and little else, most ciders are naturally gluten free – the perfect drink for Celiac sufferers or those on a gluten free or Paleo diet. Always check the label to be sure you’re drinking pure cider

6. it has its LIMITS By law, ciders may not be more than 5.5% ABV. Those that come in higher than that are considered apple “wine”.

7. it’s regulated by the fda Ciders – unlike beers and wines – are governed by the Federal Drug Administration, which means they are required to list the ingredients on the bottle or can.

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