Top Ciders this Fall

the season’s must-try ciders


1 Zeffer Red Apple Cider:

An all natural, 100% organic, wild-fermented New Zealand apple cider that will change the way you look at ciders. It’s macerated with the skins, so it has a beautiful pink color and actually drinks more like a rose. Dry, with a light apple sweetness, crisp and refreshing.

$7.59/16.9 oz

2 Zeffer Dry Apple Cider:

Once again, all of the things that make Zeffer apple cider great, but this one is very dry and clean. A slightly tart finish, tastes great by itself or with that Trick or Treat candy.

$7.59/16.9 oz

3 Crispin Browns Lane:

An homage to Britain’s racing spirit and the original Jaguar production company in England, this cider is slightly effervescent with almost a farmhouse ale aroma.

$2.39/16.9 oz

4 Crispin Pear Cider:

100% natural, made of pressed and fermented pears, no concentrates or additives. Dry, with a pleasant clean flavor and a hint of subtle woodiness.

$1.89/12 oz

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