Eat yourself Irish!


Dubliners Irish Cheddar

Milk: Cow • Texture: Hard & Sharp • Price: $4.07 1/4 lb

It has a distinctive rounded flavor and a natural hint of sweetness. Aged for 12 months, it has elements of mature cheddar, sweet nutty tones of a Swiss and the piquant bite of aged Parmesan.

For Pairing: New Belgium Portage Porter 

“This medium bodied porter with lightly roasted malts and hints of sweetness goes wonderfully with somthing sharp and salty such as the Dubliner.” 


cahill’s irish porter cheddar

Milk: Cow • Texture: Creamy & Firm • Price: $5.25 1/4 lb

Irish Porter is a vegetarian cheese, as the curds and whey are separated with vegetable rennet. With a full, rich, tangy and chocolate taste, it has a pungent finish. Try the Irish Porter paired with a chilled pint of Guinness stout.


Milk: Cow • Texture: Rich & Creamy • Price: $6.00 1/4 lb

This cheese is a hand-made, semi-soft, mildly blue veined and slightly acidic blue cheese with a creamy texture. Cashel Blue is widely acclaimed and has won numerous awards including numerous Gold at the World Cheese Awards.

For Pairing: Finch’s Secret Stache Stout

“Notes of roasted coffe and vanille surround a fullbodied, rich stount that is perfect for pairing with creamy and complex cheeses such a the Cashel.”
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