Entertaining with Cheese


I entertain with cheese constantly. My house guests expect it and are always enthusiastic about what I serve. They basically go ape over it.  Why do I love cheese? Because it can be simple or complex depending on what I want to do and how much time I have. In its simplest form I unwrap it and put it on a plate. If I have time play with it and incorporate it in something special then I factor all the components of a great dish…color, flavor,texture….

Some of my favorite simple & complex combinations would be:

A sliver of high moisture, young & fresh Gorgonzola Dolce with Rutherford’s Pear Paste and crispy Croccattinni Crackers. Oozing with whey, mild and sweet creamy flavors spread  across a crispy crunchy cracker and accompanied by a product that tastes like a fresh juicy pear. A mouth watering experience.
See this POST of combo of  Brillat-Savarin and strawberries….
More delicious combinations coming soon…