Full Bloom

perfecting the seasonal cheese plate

Here at Martin’s, spring is one of our favorite times of the year for creating cheese spreads. Our Gourmet & Cheese Specialist Sarah Ponder suggested the best ingredients to create your own floral-inspired spring cheese plate.

Top Spring Cheese Picks:


Bonne Bouche the flagship of Vermont Creamery’s signature geotrichum-rinded aged goat cheeses is light and fluffy with notes of citrus. Becomes more robust with age. (American / Goat)

Petit Basque a super creamy & nutty sheep’s milk cheese. The salty flavor of this cheese pairs nicely with the sweetness of black cherry preserves. (French / Sheep)

Point Reyes Blue beautiful milk that has almost a sweetness to it, followed by a really nice blue tang that comes through just enough. (American / Blue)

Buttermilk Blue tangy with a touch of mellow. Bold with a bit of restraint. Finishes clean and sweet. A great cheese for salads and steaks. (American / Blue)

Fleur Verte a great fresh chevre with thyme, tarragon, and wonderful little pink peppercorns. (French / Chevre)

For accompaniments, try dried apricots, any of Rutherford & Meyer’s Fruit Pastes (we especially enjoy the plum & quince, though they are all delicious), Marcona almonds and Azul Dulce Blueberry Jam – made locally on the Northshore!

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