Tips for Cheese Pairing

When our cheese experts begin creating one of their ambrosial cheese plates, they always start with the basics.

1. What are you drinking? Your beverage of choice is critical when choosing the types of cheeses to plate. For example, if you will be drinking a crisp white, sparkling wine or dry rosé you’ll want to start by pairing it with fresh and soft cheeses like mozzarella and ricotta.

2. What type of gathering ? Determining the size, formality and complexity of your event is an important perimeter to consider while creating your cheese plate. For smaller events you can be a bit more indulgent with your choices, while a large event might call for keeping with a few staples.

3. Simple or Complex? The beauty of cheese is that it can be as simple as unwrapping a piece of cheese and placing it on a plate or as complex as multiple pieces of cheese accompanied by fruit, nuts, chutneys, olives, honey comb, or crackers. The list is truly endless.

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