An afternoon with Max Messier

Cocktail & Sons is the “brainchild” of Max Messier, an award-winning bartender and spirits consultant based currently in New Orleans. Max has been working over the past few years on revitalizing the forgotten concept of the “Home Bar”, which led to the concoction of his all-natural handcrafted syrup line designed for classic cocktails.

The Cocktail: Mint Julip


2oz Bourbon (We like Johnny Drum)
3/4 oz Cocktail & Sons Mint and Lemon Verbena Syrup
Fresh Mint

How To:

Muddle ice into a mint julep cup (fill ice to top),add bourbon and syrup and stir.
Slap mint sprig to awaken the aromas and garnish.
Kick off your shoes and enjoy the afternoon!


1. Never muddle herbs. Keep the muddling to ice, fruit and sugar.
2. Slap your mint instead. It awakens the aromas and will be sure to enhance the taste.
3. If you had one accessory, it would be…. A jigger.
4. Great ingredients make a great cocktail!