FREE Charlie’s Wild Boar Sausage Sampling

April 8, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Martin Wine Cellar - Uptown
3827 Baronne St
New Orleans, LA 70115


Stop by our Uptown location to taste our new delicious and local sausage from Two Run Farms out of Livingston Parish!

“In 2015 we became the first slaughterhouse in the state to be licensed to process wild boar (feral hogs) under state inspection. Since then, these Louisiana wild boar whole carcasses and primal cuts have been available fresh to our restaurant wholesale customers, and Charlie’s Wild Boar Smoked Sausage has become available in most of the major grocery stores across Louisiana.

Charlie’s Wild Boar Sausage is produced in an incredibly authentic way. We specially custom-built a stainless steel smokehouse in our plant to cook the sausage. Outside the plant, a fire-box burns real oak hardwood. A special vacuum system draws the smoke from the fire-box into the smokehouse, and the result is an amazing real smoke flavor that you will recognize from traditional Cajun tin-shack style smokehouses. To have this flavor in a commercial product on the grocery store shelf is a really unique service. We are really proud of our tech man Brian MacManus, who engineered the construction and manages the smokehouse, and of our Exec Chef Via Fortier, who formulated our secret recipe. We offer three flavors of Charlie’s Sausage now, Original, Mild, and Green Onion.

This artisanal company has been known as the source of the world’s best andouille, and is a cult favorite in Southeast Louisiana.”  (