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Martin's Sazerac Cocktail KitMartin’s Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Kit Sazerac $79.99 One of Six Martin’s Cocktail Collection gifts, this kit provides everything you need to craft delicious Sazerac Cocktails using local Cocktail & Sons syrup.
For even more ways to craft flawless cocktails such as the classic Old Fashioned, Mojito, French 75 and more, see the entire collection in stores or here.


Cocktail Muddlers

Cocktail Muddlers

Wooden Muddler $7.00 each Made from solid wood, this muddler crushes herbs, fruits, and spices to release their flavors.
The textured base provides an ideal grinding surface making it a barware essential to concocting mojitos, mint juleps, caipirinhas and much more
Stainless Steel Muddler $9.99 Enjoy your favorite citrus cocktails with this sleek Stainless Steel Muddler. Contoured body for comfortable handling and Santoprene ends protect glass and container.

handblownglassesGlassblowerBen Whiskey Glasses

Hand-blown whiskey glasses $32.oo each Nicely weighted and heavy in the hand, uniquely textured, handmade and inflated by lung power, it’s the ideal drinking experience.
The thick base is custom stamped. Available in Louisiana State and Fleur De Lis Stamps


Cocktail Shaker

$21.99 each  This cocktail shaker is made from brushed stainless steel and comes with a built-in strainer.
The 26-ounce size offers a generous vessel for creating drinks with plenty of room for all the ice, fruit, and mixers you need to make your cocktail come out right.

whiskeyrocksWhiskey Rocks

$20.00 /set  Handcrafted Soapstone Rocks cool drinks without diluting them.
Includes nine rocks, made in the USA. Pairs well with a nice bottle of bourbon.