White Bean Edamame Hummus

White Bean Edamame Hummus

Makes 6 Servings – Serving Size: ½ cup



2 cups Edamame, frozen

1 cup White Beans, cooked

1 cup 2% Daisy Cottage Cheese

1 tablespoon Lemon Zest

2 teaspoons Black Pepper

1 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

4 Garlic Cloves

½ cup Water

2 Green Bell Peppers

2 Red Bell Peppers


Cook edamame according to instructions on package and remove from pods. Place all ingredients except water into a food processor and blend. Slowly add in water until desired consistency is reached. Serve with thick slices of red and green bell peppers for some holiday flare!


Nutrition Facts: Per 1/2 cup Serving – 150 calories, 3 grams fat, 0.5g saturated fat, 130mg sodium, 20g carbohydrates, 6g fiber, 13g protein