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  • image of Urban South, Holy Roller IPA

    Urban South, Holy Roller IPA

    New Orleans, LA ($1.69)

    "I love a good IPA (like, I really love them), and this hoppy brew from my friends down on Tchoup has become my go-to local source of delicious bitterness. Big, rich, a little "hazy," and full of all that hop flavor I crave. Pair this with a few pounds of spicy craws, and it really is a religious experience!" (12oz)

  • image of North Coast, Scrimshaw Pilsner

    North Coast, Scrimshaw Pilsner

    Fort Brag, CA ($1.69)

    "There are few beer styles more classic and important than a good Pilsner, and this one has always been a flagship for me. Full bodied, crispy and clean, this is a true representation of brewing history. Scrimshaw is a beer that never lets me down and always is there when the world of triple IPA's brewed with milk and cookies and aged in wine barrels is too much." (12oz)

  • image of Prairie Artisan Ales, Bomb! Imperial Stout

    Prairie Artisan Ales, Bomb! Imperial Stout

    Oklahoma ($9.99)

    "These days it's no surprise to me that good stouts are always among the highest rated beers in the world, but Prairie Bomb! was the first one I ever had that truly made me a believer. Brewed with coffee and chili peppers, this complex, boozy, and spicy stout is a true game changer. Well worth the price tag, and well worth holding on to for a few years if you have the patience. Prepare to be blown away!"
    (12 oz)

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