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  • image of Famille Perrin Chateau de Beaucastel

    Famille Perrin Chateau de Beaucastel

    Rhone, France ($59.99)

    Regional Red Blend

    "Best decanted, this is a full bodied blend of 13 grape varieties. A great value with a similar smooth and velvety texture that rivals it's $500 Chateau Neuf-du-Pape parents." (750ML)

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  • image of Aia Vecchia Vermentino

    Aia Vecchia Vermentino

    Tuscany, Italy ($10.99)


    "Those of you who like chardonnay, but looking for something different will really enjoy this one. Wonderful aroma with a creamy mouthfeel yet crisp finish. Pop open the bottle and enjoy this with your summer salad by the pool!" (750ML)

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  • image of The Printer

    The Printer

    Napa, California ($27.99)

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    "Dress this one up with grilled meat or down with pizza and salad - either way it's delicious. Sourced from select hillside vineyards of Napa Valley - you won't be disappointed." (750ML)

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  • image of Donati Sisters Forever

    Donati Sisters Forever

    Central Coast, California ($13.19)


    "Unoaked with a crisp finish. Pleasant acid/fruit balance that would pair well with baked fish or creamy pasta. A nice toast to sisters!" (750ML)

  • image of Jorge Ordonez Bodegas Breca

    Jorge Ordonez Bodegas Breca

    Spain ($15.99)


    "Garnacha at its best. Intense dark fruit flavors with a long finish. Enjoy with Spanish themed meals like paella, empanadas, or any tapas, or simply with a burger. It’s yummy!" (750ML)

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  • image of Maison Nicholas Perrin Viognier

    Maison Nicholas Perrin Viognier

    France ($15.99)


    "My table favorite at Light Night 2017. Citrus fruit and white flowers with crisp minerality, but with a delicate, smooth finish. I’m a new fan of Viognier!" (750ML)

  • image of Columbia Crest H3 - Horse Heaven Hills

    Columbia Crest H3 - Horse Heaven Hills

    Paterson, Washington ($10.99)

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    "You’ll be surprised by this bold cabernet at such a special low price. Dark fruits (think black cherry or blackberry) with a velvety smooth finish. The perfect everyday red table wine." (750ML)

  • image of Jorge Ordonez Oronta

    Jorge Ordonez Oronta

    Spain ($9.99)


    "It’s a fun label … but does it taste good? The answer - Yes! Deep fruity flavor, smooth and balanced.
    Nice everyday Spanish red." (750ML)

  • image of Perrin et Fils Gigondas La Gille

    Perrin et Fils Gigondas La Gille

    Rhone, France ($34.19)

    Grenache/Syrah Blend

    "A Martin’s educational tasting led me to purchase this while dining out with family. All were thrilled with it! Full bodied, rich fruit, but soft tannins with a long finish. A second bottle was ordered!!!" (750ML)

  • image of Xellent Swiss Vodka

    Xellent Swiss Vodka

    Switzerland ($33.99)

    Rye Grain

    "Swirl your martini glass with vermouth, pour in this
    chilled Swiss Rye Vodka, add your olives and you have an XELLENT Martini!" (750ML)

  • image of Ancien Le Petit Elevage

    Ancien Le Petit Elevage

    California ($22.99)

    Pinot Noir

    "Another bold pinot from Carneros! While heavier than a French red burgundy, this dark cherry red is delicious with a smooth finish. Pair this with chicken and turkey --- perfect for the holiday season." (750ML)

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  • image of Poliziano Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano

    Poliziano Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano

    Italy ($27.19)


    "Enter the dark side - Dark blue/red color, dark cherry, & dark chocolate. If drinking today - try decanting to serve at its best, but this bold wine can be cellared to enjoy at future gatherings and celebrations. This is a savory expression of sangiovese!" (750ML)

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  • image of Chamonix Chamonix Rouge

    Chamonix Chamonix Rouge

    South Africa ($16.99)

    Red Blend

    "Chamonix Rouge is actually a red blend including Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot and Petit Verdot. Nice dark fruit with a hint of spice make this a very easy drinking wine to enjoy with a good cut of beef." (750ML)

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  • image of J Lohr Hilltop

    J Lohr Hilltop

    California ($26.29)

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    "Let this one breathe a little bit and then look out.
    Full bodied, dark fruits, some oak and thus vanilla.
    Pairs well with steak or a hearty beef stew." (750ML)

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