White Burgundy on a Budget

An oenophile’s dream, Burgundy is so much fun to explore! Though the region can seem daunting to the unfamiliar, its complexity is based on many tiers of classification (damn you, Napoleonic Code), and makes total sense the more you learn and taste.
Burgundy is a very important wine region, setting the standard of excellence world-wide for both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. From Chablis in the north, to Macon in the south, the mineral-driven and crisp acidic wines are the perfect food pairing wines.
If you’re new to Burgundy, we recommend trying the wines of Louis Latour, as the house produces wine from all over the region, making it a great way to pick up the nuances of the different terroir.

Here are a few wines we recommend to explore the different flavors of Burgundy!

  1. Domaine Thomas Morey Bourgogne Blanc (15561)

A blend of Chardonnay from various villages in Burgundy. Although the Bourgogne classification is the lowest tier in Burgundy, the right winemaker can make these drink well beyond their price range. Thomas Morey, for instance, makes his Bourgogne Blanc light and silky, with high acidity and lots of limestone minerality.

  1. Jean Marc Boillot Macon Villages (14610)

Chardonnay from the Southern quadrant of Burgundy, Macon, where the vineyards receive more sunlight and the juice takes on more fruitiness. These wines are typically a bit weightier, with more baked citrus flavors and a little more oak.

  1. Louis Latour Pouilly-Vinzelles ‘en Paradis’ (14597)

You’ve probably heard of Pouilly-Fuisse, but you should try Pouilly-Vinzelles for something a little different! Aged in stainless steel vats to preserve the natural flavor of the grape, it has an almond nuttiness and a floral nose with hints of lemon. Latour even recommends pairing this wine with “crayfish”.

  1. Louis Latour Montagny ‘La Grande Roche’ (19257)

Montagny is a region that only produces white wine, and Latour’s ‘La Grand Roche’ is crafted solely with Chardonnay. It has lots of lemon and citrus zest combined with a white peach flavor. Medium-full bodied mouthfeel.

  1. Domaine Newman Cote de Beaune Blanc ‘La Grande Chatelaine’ (16779)

A Chardonnay produced farther north in Burgundy, Beaune produces a lighter, silkier Chardonnay with a ton of minerality. Crisp yellow apple and Anjou pear flavors balance the high acidity, making this an excellent food pairing wine.

  1. Domaine Pierre Morey Bourgogne Aligote (12686)

The other white grape of Burgundy! Aligote isn’t produced nearly as much as Chardonnay, so these can be a little tougher to find, but they are Awesome! More laid-back and zippy than Chardonnay, they are made to drink young and fresh. Get it while you can! Only a few cases in stock.



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