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50/50 Donations Program

Martin Wine and Spirits prides itself on participating with the community on supporting local and regional organizations. In our ’50/50’ donations program, we offer a special deal in which if you purchase a minimum of 3 bottles from our select list of wines, we will match that amount in a donation of the same number in wines (e.g. If you buy 1 case of wine from this list, we will donate a case back to match). All donation requests will go through a review once a month, so please submit your information at least a month in advance of the event deadline. Any donation requests outside of the 50/50 donation match program will unfortunately not be considered at this time.

To be considered for the monthly review, you must submit your request before the 15th of each month. You will be notified via the email if we are able to accept your request or not by no later than the 20th of the month. Because Martin Wine and Spirits receives an enormous number of reputable requests for funding and product donations far in excess of our resources, we unfortunately must decline many worthy projects and programs. We are only able to offer the 50/50 wine match deal at this time as part of our donations program.

We strive to honor long-standing commitments that we have in place, as we have forged many meaningful charitable relationships over the years. Additionally, Martin Wine and Spirits will only make one donation per event approved. Submission of this form does not guarantee a charitable donation.

Please select from one of the options below and complete the corresponding form. If you have any questions or inquiry on your submission, please contact donations@martinwine.com. Thank you!